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The Equity Project

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The Equity Project, a program of the Women of Color Foundation (WOCF), is designed to help participants enhance their critical thinking and soft skills. Geared particularly toward marginalized women of color. This program will service clients who may also be enrolled in other programming.


The program recognizes there is strength in having participants engaged in different development opportunities. The Equity Project will provide education, economic and equity training to Black Women who have been marginalized by society and/or are living below the poverty level.


Program participants will be equipped with knowledge and tools to elevate their careers and lifestyles, to evaluate their status and develop career and life goals and will be connected with community resources and partners to help them reach their goals.

As part of programming, participants will also be paired with a career mentor and a sponsor in an organization or business to help advance their goals. Another important component of this work will be to help clients understand the importance of volunteerism and being civically engaged. We will help identify meaningful opportunities for volunteerism, fostering deeper community/business relationships.


In year one, our vision is to recruit, train, and to positively impact the sense of self-worth, careers, and lifestyles of twenty-five (25) Black women (between the ages of 25 and 35), and their families, living in urban communities and Cleveland neighborhoods.


Historically the Women of Color Foundation has served women in the mid to high level phases of their careers. However, this WOCF program seeks to elevate the quality of life for Black women in crisis.


Our organization has a base of nonprofit, governmental, corporate, and entrepreneurial leaders who are ready to step up and provide the workforce development support and training, needed to advance the lives of the Black women selected for this amazing opportunity.

Black Women's Leadership Project (BWLP): Developing Leaders, Building Communities

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This unique program will focus specifically on Black women professionals and entrepreneurs (in Northeast Ohio), to provide access, training and support to accelerate their rise to senior and executive level positions in their respective fields and organizations. 

Because of systemic racism, Black women have long been denied access and opportunity to be included in mainstream career and leadership development programs that could significantly impact their readiness to lead and build organizations and their communities.

The BWLP is a program where applicants must complete and submit an application, and will be selected thru a competitive process. Participants must commit to the eight-month program, that requires a time commitment of 3-hours per month. Two hours of education/training during the workday and one hour of coaching that may occur in the evening or over the weekend.

Tuition for this comprehensive "virtual" program is $2,500. Therefore, all applicants will need the support of a senior-level executive within their corporation/non-profit organization/business to authorize their participation and pay the tuition fees.

Please take a moment to explore our website and click here to learn more about the BWLP program.

Women of Color Foundation Collaborative


Why a Membership Program Now? 


We realize the power of connection now more than ever. Our gatherings, workshops, and panel discussions serve as a significant way to bond, share ideas and lessons learned.

We want to help you grow those connections. Through networking and introducing a dynamic and engaging membership program designed for women looking to go to the next level in their lives and careers.

Please take a moment to explore our website and click here to learn more about the benefits that the Women of Color Foundation (WOCF) Collaborative membership has to offer.



Simone E. Swanson

Yentil Rawlinson

The M-Suite Network

The M-Suite Network will engage and integrate young, black, professional “millennial" women (ages 25-40), into the Women of Color Foundation (WOCF) programs. The women who comprise the network will help give voice to a broader cross section of young professional women who want to be included given the current environment.  They will share their experiences, challenges, talents and perspectives in a safe space, where more experienced women respect and value the importance of them having a seat at the table.

This program will also provide them with unique opportunities to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Coming in 2023

WOCF Fellows Program logo

Women of Color Foundation Fellows Program

The Women of Color Foundation (WOCF) Fellows Program is  a program designed for minority focused non-profit executives. The program will help them address civic and community issues affecting Black women and girls in the Greater Cleveland area.  It will also expose them to and deepen their understanding of, the issues plaguing our communities and institutions that provide critical services and information to our residents.


This is also a program where applicants will be required to submit an application and will be selected thru a competitive process.

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