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By way of background information, based on our ongoing discussions with women of color (primarily with African- American, Asian, Hispanic, and Native-American women), across the country whose opinions we valued, we learned that all of us felt it was critical for us as women to share our successes, triumphs and yes, our failures, with our peers and younger women coming along behind us. 


Over time, our organization’s vision evolved, and we have since included our White sisters, the LGBTQ community, and administrators of women’s prison facilities, in many aspects of our planning, programming and critical social thinking!


Several major programs and activities have been developed, to address these concerns:


-The Women of Color Foundation is a 501c3, tax-exempt foundation organized in 2005, to foster networking and to provide personal and professional development, education and training to all women of color. Our predecessor organization was under the name of “” that began hosting the executive retreats in 2003. Our website was later changed to


- “Connections, Community and Career: A Personal and Professional Development Retreat for Women of Color,” (an annual training retreat for professional women and college students of all colors, held in Cleveland, OH, 2003-2021; Columbus, OH, 2006-2015; Cincinnati, OH in 2007 and 2008; and Chicago, Illinois in 2007 and 2009)


-Women of Color Leadership Development & Training Institute (an annual 1-day leadership development and training conference targeting a broader cross-section of women and girls of color, held in November each year in Cleveland, Ohio 2006-2019)


-Stellar Awards Luncheon (an annual event celebrating Women of Color and presenting:  the Woman of the Year Award; the Young Professional Woman of the Year Award; and the Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones Courage Award” during the Annual Leadership Development and Training Institute, 2006-2017)


-The WomenSpeak™ Collaborative (a consortium of local, regional and national organizations focusing on the needs and concerns of, and programs benefiting women and girls of color)


--Women’s Prison Outreach Initiative (a ground-breaking, unique collaboration with the Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW) in Marysville, Ohio. The ORW is the 4th largest women’s prisons in the United States. (2015-2019)

-Women’s Entrepreneurial Program (WEP) (an entrepreneurial program designed to develop local women-owned businesses)


-Women’s EmployMEnt Project (a women’s employment initiative funded by The Honor Project Trust in 2014)


-Annual Speaking of Women! A Quarterly Dialogue Series for Women in Leadership (In partnership with American Greetings Corporation, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland State University, Dominion Energy and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District 2010-2020)


-C L Magazine (a quarterly, digital, career & lifestyle magazine for women and girls of all colors, launched in the 1st quarter of 2015. We will celebrate our 8th Anniversary of publication in 2022!


-“C-Suite” Executive Women’s Summit (an experience for corporate and non-profit  executives and entrepreneurs; 2016-2021)


-“Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony” (an event honoring phenomenal women from across the region, held in 2012 and 2017 and 2022)


-C L Magazine Live! - Discussing Issues that affect our lives and our communities. (a 30-minute program on WOVU Radio, 95.9 FM)


-Women of Color Foundation Collaborative - A membership program for executive level, career-minded women, formed in March 2021.  These women also serve as volunteer mentors and coaches to younger women.


-M-Suite Network - An initiative designed to motivate, elevate and educate millennial women.  Our programming gives these young women voice and a seat at the table.  We are training them to assume leadership roles in their businesses, organizations, and the community.


-Black Women’s Leadership Project (BWLP) – focuses on training and supporting Black women senior executives and entrepreneurs to advance into C-Suite level positions within corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations. 


-The Equity Project: Elevating the quality of life for Black Women in Crisis - is a workforce development program that provides education, life, economic and career training, to Black Women who have been marginalized by society and are living below the poverty line.


-Women of Color Foundation 20th Anniversary Celebration and 1st Annual National Executive Women’s Summit (NEWS) – Sunday thru Wednesday, October 23-26, 2022

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