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Shogun James Clavell Ebook Free Download reatben




.. and John Blackthorne ... are masterly portraits, the one of a man at the centre of events, the other of an irresistible young man." The film won numerous awards in Japan, including the Grand Prize for Best Film and the Zensho Award for Best Actor. The movie was released in the United States under the title Zatoichi and the Blind Swordsman. It was released in a dubbed English-language version as Duel to the Death. Plot In 1862, an English officer named John Blackthorne (James Coburn) accompanies an expedition to Japan to open trade routes between the USA and Japan. They meet the wife of their ally General Makino (Akiko Wakabayashi) and settle in his house in Kyoto. Blackthorne is attracted to her and makes a pass at her, but she laughs him off. He is angered, and a stranger later claims to have witnessed Blackthorne kissing a woman. Faced with a dilemma, Blackthorne confides in Captain Hirose (Takashi Shimura), a member of the expedition. The two men agree that a duel must take place to settle the matter. Three days later, an eight-day rainstorm breaks over Kyoto. The water from the storm pours into the Keihan Canal, flooding the area. While out for a walk, Blackthorne meets a young man named Nobuchika (Toshiro Mifune) whose family's rice mill was damaged by the flooding. The situation seems hopeless, but Blackthorne takes pity on the boy, and decides to take him home with him. Blackthorne's house is next to the Makino residence, and he finds Nobuchika helping the Makino family. He gets the boy to leave Makino's house, and takes him to his house. Makino and his wife find out that Nobuchika is with Blackthorne, and they ask him to leave. Makino is impressed by Nobuchika's skills and offers him a job as his "secretary", and he agrees. Nobuchika is soon on his way to the mission in Kumamoto to join the Imperial Army. In a port city on the way, he meets a traveling merchant named Nobuo (Tsuyoshi Ihara), who saves him from being arrested for stealing food. Nobuo takes him to his home, and he meets his son, Taizo



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Shogun James Clavell Ebook Free Download reatben

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